Adam Mickewicz. Belarus error coin

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In 1998, the world community has celebrated the 200 anniversary of a talented poet, a famous fighter for the independence of their homeland our fellow-countryman Adam Mickiewicz, who was born in Zaosie near Navahrudak. It was a place, where he created many works that enriched the world literature.

National Bank of the Republic of Belarus also decided to commemorate this glorious date and produced a silver and copper-nickel coins with the image of relief portrait of Adam Mickiewicz. Minting of coins was ordered at the Moscow Mint, and in September 1998, three months before the anniversary, everything was ready for implementation, but for the unknown reasons the coins came on the market only in February 1999, when the very occasion of the poet's birth (December 24, 1798) has long passed. A week later, on February 22, an order was given to suspend the trade. What could have happened during these few days?

It emerged that on the portrait side (the reverse of the coin) next to the image of Adam Mickiewicz an error has been made in the dating years, that is, "1798-1854" instead of "1798-1855" was embossed. The result of this confusion was that only after three months at the Moscow Mint new edition of both commemorative coins (worth 1 ruble and 20 rubles) with a correct date was issued.

It should be noted that for the week of a trade of the "old" silver coins a total of 94 units (by unofficial data) were purchased. The "old" copper-nickel coins with the image of Adam Mickiewicz did not manage  to come onto market together with the silver coin and therefore were not sold. Today, the only instance of this truly numismatic unique can only be seen in the Museum of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.


Adam Mickewicz (error). Silver

Adam Mickewicz (error). CuNi.

Source of information: National Bank of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Orlov